Campo: Ilustración

  • Ondina

    7 de December de 2023
    An ondine angry with her dragonfly because she came back late (she was partying).
  • Expo Enlazados

    3 de November de 2023
    Enlazados (Entwined) was my first solo exhibition. It was a Fast Expo hosted by Siroco Sala, where I presented a…
  • Hada de las fresas

    7 de July de 2023
    The Strawberry Fairy is the cousin of Berry the Fairy, another of my original characters.
  • Escucha activa

    12 de June de 2023
    I am very interested in communication and I had this idea for how I would represent active listening.
  • Una chica y su amiga rana

    11 de April de 2023
    Two friends who seem to come from an alternative version of the Princess and the Frog.
  • Brujas dibujantes

    22 de March de 2023
    One of my favorite illustrations.
  • El reloj de los novios

    19 de March de 2023
    I did the cover and interior illustrations for the book El Reloj de los Novios by Fernando Vidal and Paloma…
  • La bruja, la loba y el pingüino

    12 de January de 2023
    Just three good friends coming back from a walk where they collected flowers for the kitchen vase and for some…
  • Twitch More_aoe

    20 de October de 2022
    More_aoe asked me to make the banners and icon for his Twitch account, where he livestreams playing Age of Empires.…
  • En el campo me encuentro

    6 de May de 2022
    This illustration is based on a photo I took walking through Peguerinos. I grew up in a town in the…
  • Recovery: Los trabajos sociales de la libertad

    19 de February de 2022
    Cover for the book El paradigma Recovery, Los trabajos sociales de la libertad, written by Fernando Vidal.
  • Princesa Mononoke

    10 de February de 2022
    Fanart of Princess Mononoke in tarot card mode.
  • Sabores de Moclín

    15 de December de 2021
    I designed the logo for the Sabores de Moclín brand, the illustrations for the extra virgin olive oil bottles, adapting…
  • Ink volumen 1

    22 de May de 2021
    A fanzine with a compilation of drawings from my sketchbook where I only use liquid ink pens.
  • Faerie

    19 de September de 2020
  • Póster Con 2 Bemoles

    2 de May de 2020
    I did this poster to promote Con 2 Bemoles' (@c2bemoles on Instagram) live about series intros form the years 2000…
  • Expo Barricadas

    1 de October de 2019
    In 2019 I was a member of the group Illustratie57 of the Minerva Academy and I participated with this piece…
  • Toetje – Bijna de botch om

    19 de June de 2019
    Illustration for one of the winning poems of the children's poetry contest, Bijna De Botch Om, organized by Pöeziepaleis.
  • Paisajes del cuerpo humano

    22 de May de 2019
    Fanzine with ladscapes from the human body.
  • El mono Nicolás

    1 de September de 2018
    I made the illustrations for Sara Martín's children's story, El mono Nicolás, which was published in 2018 with the publishing…