Campo: Sketchbook

  • Chica con estrellas

    1 de December de 2023
    My favorite part of this drawing are the stars.
  • Señora cargada

    24 de November de 2023
    Study of a photo by Kadın Olmak.
  • María señalando

    20 de September de 2023
    This drawing is based on a photo I took of my sister pointing at a plant in my grandfather's doorway.
  • Estudio de color 1

    30 de June de 2023
    Color study based on a photo by Andrea Kevichüsa, photographed by Prerna Nainwal.
  • Sketches 1

    22 de May de 2023
    A little collection of drawings. Some are invented and others are based on photos from my gallery I drew while…
  • Cuaderno digital 1

    12 de April de 2023
    A collection of drawings that I have made, for fun, watching series, movies and looking at photos of my friends…
  • Mi hermana en el Humana

    31 de January de 2023
    My sister is my muse, and I always have material to draw on her.
  • Espada con llamas

    23 de December de 2022
    This drawing combines several things that I like. As a good epic fantasy reader, I love swords. I also really…
  • Autorretrato

    19 de December de 2022
    I really don't have purple eyes, green hair, or that face, but someone who knows me would still see it…
  • Chica apoyada

    11 de April de 2022
    A girl feeling feelings.
  • Cubo de aventuras

    5 de February de 2022
    It occurred to me to make the Adventure Time characters in cube mode except for BMO, who I drew in…
  • Mi gente

    24 de December de 2021
    Drawings of some important people in my life.
  • Pelo de fuego

    24 de October de 2021
    A drawing I made after having an artistic crisis.
  • Berry the fairy

    18 de November de 2020
    She is Berry the fairy. She is mad because some birds ate all of her blackberries and now she has…