Illustrated projects such as books, exhibitions and other commissions
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Faerie playing cards

A poker deck based on Celtic mythology and the four seasons
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Enlazados Exhibition

My first solo exhibition!
The expo
  • Eme21mag n78

  • Perseids Fanzine

  • Zotachi 4 – Harpies, magpies and artichokes

  • Ondine

  • Exhibition Enlazados

  • Zotachi 3 – Meteorites, Siamese twins and Pasties

  • Strawberry Fairy

  • Active listening

  • A girl and her frog friend

  • Drawing witches

  • The bride and groom’s watch

  • Pintura mural en un restaurante de dumplings en Madrid.

    Dumpling House Mural

  • The witch, the wolf and the penguin

  • Zotachi 2 – Ghosts, Biscuits and Partridges

  • Cómic las Viejas Viajeras de Cristina Llera.

    Comic The traveller old ladies

  • More_aoe’s Twitch

  • Zotachi 1 – Zombies, Tacos and Chihuahuas

  • Recovery: The social work of freedom (Recovery: Los trabajos sociales de la libertad)

  • Princess Mononoke

  • Sabores de Moclín oil

  • Centralia Comic

  • Ink 1 fanzine

  • Con 2 Bemoles Poster

  • Barricades exhibition

  • Bijna de botch om – Toetje

  • Landscapes of the human body

  • UMCG Mural

  • Pintura mural plantas tropicales

    Mural Something is growing…

  • Rebel Rebel Hostel Mural painting

  • Nicolas the monkey